Refund Policy

As your delivery service provider, we, She Takes The Kake agrees to deliver the above-mentioned products/ goods in a timely & effective manner following these terms & conditions:

1. 50% of your payment is NON-REFUNDABLE and reserves your delivery date and time mentioned in this agreement. **Please note, if a cancellation is made, your payment cannot be transferred to a new delivery**.

2. The remaining balance is due (via E-transfer, Bank transfer, and/or Wave) 7 days prior to pick-up as mentioned above. If the balance is not received, this contract will be null & void. No exceptions.

3. You, the customer are responsible for providing us with the accurate pick-up & delivery time & addresses for the products/goods mentioned above. Please note, delivery timeframes differ for areas outside of the GTA and possibly during rush hour.

4. We, She Takes The Kake reserves the right to take images of the goods (cake(s) and/or pastries) and use them for social media and web display purposes without compensation to you.

5. Upon pick-up, our driver will take images of your products (cake(s) and/or pastries) to ensure accuracy before & after the delivery.

6. By signing/ making a payment for this delivery mentioned, you certify that your products/goods mentioned above do not contain any illegal/ illicit substances, ingredients, and/or products.

7. Please note, we take our delivery responsibility very seriously, therefore, on the date and time mentioned in this contract, your cake(s) and/or pastries will be covered by us, She Takes The Kake with 100% liability coverage minus the delivery cost.

8. Once the products/goods mentioned in this contract have arrived at their destination, an appointed individual must be present (unless told otherwise) to accept the delivery of the cake(s) and/or pastries. We, She Takes The Kake, will NOT be held responsible/ liable for how the products/goods mentioned in this agreement are handled once delivered. If at any time we are not able to locate appropriate personnel to deliver this order, our driver(s) will contact you and/or return the products/goods back to your pick-up location provided in this agreement. Please note, in this event, 100% of the invoice balance will be NON-REFUNDABLE, and an additional $50.00 will be charged.

9. While we take our delivery responsibilities very seriously, there may be some inclement weather conditions (e.g., snowstorms, natural disasters, unforeseen accidents, etc.) which may cause us to cancel our obligations agreement. For this reason, it is imperative that all contact information stay up-to-date in the case that we may need to contact you regarding any situations that may arise.